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◇DMZ & Panmunjom(JSA) Tour 혻(MSK-22)
PEOPLE 2pax~
COURSE Hotel(free pick-up) > Half day DMZ Tour > Lunch > Join Panmunjeom tour(meet Panmunjeom tour guide) > ID Check Point > Camp Bonifas(Slideshow&Briefing) > Tour of JSA(Freedom House) > Conference Room > Bridge of No Return > Camp Bonifas > Drop off Hotel.
The tour will take you to a special place, DMZ(Demilitarized Zone), formed by a tragic history of two Koreas, which offers a real vivideye-opening experience of the Korean War. You will have an unusual experience that you have never had anywhere.
Tour Condition
* DMZ Tour is closed for every Monday and National Holiday.
* Please check if Panmunjom may be available.
* You must carry your passport on tour day. Children under 10years are not allowed.
* Include : The guide, transportation and admission fee as in the itinerary.
* Exclude : Tipping for the guide and driver (USD5 per person/day is recommended), Travel insurance, and all not indicated above itinerary.
* Amethyst & Ginseng Center would be included in every tour course.
** Schedule are subject to change and based on join SIC TOUR with Billingual guide.
** We notice that we have no responsiblity for your personal incidents and losses during all the tours.
* If you cancel it on the tour day, you have to pay 50%of the tour fee.
* The package tour - Child fares : 30% off under 7years of age.
* Don't act independently during the package group tour.
** Pick up service can be delayed if there's a traffic jam.
*** The basic principle is that we pick you up at the hotel but there are some exceptions depending on the situation.
Day 1
- Hotel pick up aroun from 08:00am ~08:30am.
- Move to Lotte Hotel
- After check your passport and transfer to Panmunjeom.
- Tour to Half DMZ / Join Panmunjeom tour(meet Panmunjeom tour guide) / ID Check Point / Camp Bonifas(Slideshow&Briefing).
- Tour of JSA(Freedom House) / Conference Room / Bridge of No Return / Camp Bonifas.
- Move to Seoul and drop off at Lotte Hotel

* Advence Camp :
"In front of them all" in DMZ, this camp house an United Nations Command Support Group, and this is where you can buy souvenisrs, and official briefing on JSA.

* Joint Security Area :
When an important meeting is being held, this area is crowded by guards and nessmen. After the "tree chopping incident" it was agreed to separate the sen-tries and spilt this area in half.

* Conference Room :
Take note of the Military Demarcation Line running down the middle of the conference table. Military Armistice Commission Meeting has been held here.

* Freedom House :
Built in 1965, it commands a fine view of the whole area of Panmunjeom.

* Bridge of no return :
"An UNC check point faces a north Korean one across the bridge. Close by the bridge is the stump of the tree chopping incident in 1976."

* Imjingak Park :
This is the only place where you can go freely withour ID card as a civilian. It is located in Paju City about 65km northwest of Seoul. Formed as a park, it is residents's resting place and also has Mangbasedan which stands opposite of Imjingak, is famous for the palce where people from North Korea visit and per- formancestral rites by bowing toward their hometown every New Year's Day and Chuseok exhibiting arms used on the Korean War. Outside Imjingak, there are 12kinds of tanks and crafs on display that were used during the Korean War.

* Freedom Bridge :
This is locate right behind Imjingak Square. It was built to repatriate both of their prisoners of war in 1953, when the South and the North signed the Armistice Agreement. Since over 12,000 war captives crossed this bridge, in commemoration of this, it is said to have been called Freedom

* The third tunnel :
This is the third tunnel burrowed by the North who had a greed for cmmunzing the South. It was discovered by the South Army in October, 1978. Since that, it has been develped as a tourist course to learn about the importance of our national security and the real situation of the North. So, you can go sightseeing only with your ID card.

* Derasan Station :
This is also located in DMZ. We have been looking forward to connecting Gyeongeui-sun(Line)since the two Koreas reched an agreement to do in 2002. We are still wating for the day when the two countries will be united once again. You can get a good opportunity to experience the reality of the divided country.

* Derasan Observatory :
This is also located in DMZ. You can watch the North and feel its actual situation from here. In addition, you can view a part of the North Korea, such as Songaksan Mt. in Gaesung, Kimilsung Statue, and the outskirts of Gaesung through telescope.